How to Launch a Recognition Programme

Companies who have embarked on creating a recognition programme have usually spent quite a bit of time choosing suppliers, picking names, figuring out how to align their new programme to their values. By the time it gets around to communications and launch it can already feel like you’ve been talking about your recognition scheme for years.

By: Paul Heaton on

The launch and communications are such a vital part of generating the momentum for a recognition programme which will be needed for months after launch. Ensuring people not only understand what the recognition programme is all about, but more importantly why you’re launching it and how they can engage with it are ingredients that often get missed.

Having just launched a new Fanclub with Nerudia we’d love to share with you how to go about it.

Ready to Recognise?

It may seem that giving recognition is intuitive to us humans (and mostly it is), however people, and the audience that you really need to engage with are People Managers, have all sorts of barriers to recognition - a lot of which they won’t even be aware of.

Things like “do I have to thank people for doing their job” to “If I say well done to this person will it look like I have favourites?” Get those barriers out on the table for discussion so that you can address them and work on mindset, so that by the time you launch you have a fully committed and engaged management team.


Whether you go incognito and have pop-up gorilla graffiti on your car park walls to get people talking or you go for something more subtle and corporate like a poster. The key is to get people thinking about who and what deserves recognition ahead of launch, so they’re warmed up.

Once launched you need to keep the momentum going with regular comms. In the first few weeks we’re talking every few days focussing on signups and highlighting great examples, then moving to weekly and monthly drip feeding some of the features and tools beyond just a simple thank you.

Launch Day

Again, the options are endless. We’ve launched with everything from an e-campaign right through to large company events. Here’s some ideas of what can be done:

  • Launch Video – We create launch videos which can be played at an event to introduce your programme. Everything you need to know within a 2 – 3 minute video (think the length of a pop song)
  • Demos – Our recognition tools are dead straight forward, however sometimes new stuff puts people off so make it accessible at your event with iPad demos so people can touch and feel the new tool and remove any barriers.
  • Live Recognition – Have some activities on the day that make people think about who they want to recognise and why. Stickers with your Values on, Value Postcards or Value Bingo where people actually have to move around the room and recognise people face-to-face in a fun way.
  • Magic Mirror/Photo-booth - People love a photo with with their work bestie so make it easy for them and give them props and signs to showcase your key messages.
  • Free Stuff – People love a freebie and you don’t have to stop at free lanyards (yawn). Why not turn your Values into bespoke Mocktails with a Recognition Bar or showcase some of your Rewards or Perks (if you choose to have them). A free Show Shine from a local company or even a Massage perhaps?

Check out some of the photos from our recent launch with Nerudia.