Culture Crush #3 - Warby Parker

If you’re of a certain age the words prescription glasses might still bring you out in a cold sweat remembering NHS thick black rimmed however Warby Parker have made prescription glasses cool

By: Sinead Healy on

We have a big geek crush on Warby Parker (online prescription glasses) and here’s why we’re crushing on them…

Warby Parker have made company culture deliberate by creating a dedicated team tasked with coming up with events and programmes specifically to promote community. They believe great company culture just doesn’t happen by itself

What’s good about it?

Actively promoting and managing your culture takes time and energy, all too often in organisations this is done off the side of someone’s desk in HR, juggled with numerous other priorities and only really comes into focus after the annual staff survey! Companies who don’t just talk about their culture but actually provide the resource and direction to ensure they get the culture they want gets our vote.

Not all companies have the luxury of dedicated resource to focus on their culture. At Fanclub we take care of all recognition needs, from launching a recognition scheme, right through to training leaders, report and analysing. We do the heavy lifting it takes to have an effective and engaging recognition scheme. Take a look here at what we do.

Tell us

Where does the responsibility for great company culture sit in your organisation? How do you resource activities so that there is dedicated time to grow your desired culture?