Culture Crush #2 - Tony Hsieh

Our second crush comes from our Fantasy CEO Tony Hsieh. Zappos are famous for their service, employees and customers rave about them. So how do they find and keep employees that are consistently great with people?

By: Sinead Healy on

Culture Crush #2

Here’s why we have a crush…

Each Zappo’s new employees are offered $2000 to quit during induction. CEO, Tony Hsieh, says they don’t want people who are there for a pay check, and they don’t want people who feel like they are trapped. He says that the percentage of people who take the check is 2-3%. Hsieh says that when new employees turn down the money, they turn out to be much more passionate and engaged because they realise that it’s a place they really want to be and contribute.

What’s good about it?

Taking time to hire people who are aligned to your values and ways of working is worth its weight in gold! It saves you time and money, and in the long run you get happier colleagues and customers. Lots of companies say they want to hire employees who live their values but Zappo’s are putting their money where their mouth is, by making it attractive to leave if it’s not the place for you!

We have a crush on organisations who take their values seriously.

At Fanclub we help companies use recognition to promote, value and give exposure to those living the company values day in day out. We also work with organisations to make this happen during employees first few weeks at the organisation. What better way to let someone know that they’re valued, you’re glad they joined, they’re contributing - other than publicly recognising them in the first month of their employment.

Tell us…

How does your organisation ensure employees aren’t just working for the pay check?

How do you go about helping new hires align to the company values?

We’re all ears.