Employee Recognition Advent Calendar

So, it’s December and we’re on the Countdown to Santa, a few days off work or to the end of the year.  Either way it’s a great time of year to focus on appreciating people you have spent the majority of your waking life with this year….. Your Colleagues.

By: Sinead Healy on

So to help you we’ve put together an Advent Calendar of FREE Appreciation and recognition tips:

3rd December
Buy/Make a coffee for someone at work you appreciate and tell them why.

4th December
Find the newest starter in your workplace and ask them how its going?

5th December
Recognise upwards, find time to contact someone senior to you who’s doing a good job and let them know.  It can be lonely at the top.

6th December
Think about a great boss or colleague you previously had and connect with them on linkedin and tell them why.

7th December
Introduce someone who holds a more junior position to a Director or Senior Leader in the business, reinforce why they’re an asset to the company.

10th December
Invite someone to have lunch with you.

11th December
Offer to take some workload from a colleague who looks like they need a break.

12th December
Wish Sinead a happy birthday Fanclub co-founder or Write a linkedin recommendation for someone you work with.

13th December
Collate your teams opinions on who (outside your team) has supported your team the most this year and write a collective email to that person or department telling them why.

14th December
Share unsolicited feedback with someone’s boss.

17th December
Showcase someone’s work, forward a piece of work to others and say what you like about it.

18th December
Try and remember if you dodged anyone’s sponsorship requests this year? If you did, find out the charity and make a donation.  If you’re on Santa’s good list already, for extra brownie points make a donation to a colleagues favourite charity.

19th December
Make a list of your teams achievements this year and dedicate 10 mins in a meeting to acknowledge them.

20th December
Solicit feedback from a customer on behalf of colleague or your team and share it.

21st December
If you’re having a Christmas soiree, raise a toast to the team whilst you’re all still sober enough to remember what was said.


24th December
Before people break up for Christmas send 2/3 emails thanking people for their help, commitment this year.