Do you have a Recognition Problem or a Communication Problem?

Most companies are well versed in the importance of recognition but not necessarily the execution. When reviewing your Recognition activity it’s worth asking yourself this simple question.

By: Sinead Healy on

Bernard Shaw famously said,

The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place

…and with almost every company we’ve worked with communication is an on-going struggle.  Even though the social media platforms have eked their way from our e-social lives into work, they’re just creating more information demanding our attention. 

When we work with organisations the first thing we always under take is an Under the Bonnet assessment of all things recognition and communication.  Why? Because sometimes companies don’t have a recognition problem they have a communication problem.  Recognition is taking place, it’s just very local and low key, leading to the general view that there isn’t much recognition in the organisation.  

Research undertaken by (Bersin by Deloitte, The State of Employee Recognition, 2012) showed that:

Nearly 75% of organisations have a recognition program

(despite the fact that only 58% of employees think that their organisations have recognition programs).

So how to communicate recognition in the workplace without it becoming patronising


Brand is important and done well it can co-ordinate multiple schemes and make your recognition schemes part of a language currency of your organisation.  But please when thinking about a brand, try to stretch the imagination further than star related quips.  

We’ve seen more shining stars, heroes and the unimaginative but ‘Ronseal’ approach of Employee of the Month brands than you could shake a stick at!

The Tool

Finding a platform which makes everyday recognition is easier than you think and most of them will plug into your intranet to create a live feed of recognition as it happens.  Whether you’re the one being recognised or not you can see all the good vibes that are flying around your company and it’s very likely to encourage you to get involved. 

Take a quick look here at our platform


Actively managing the PR around your recognition schemes is important, it’s one thing to ensure that the communication of them is embedded in your company’s induction as well as reinforced by your managers but as Steve jobs said…

Ad campaigns are necessary for competition, but good PR educates people

Get your winners talking about what it means to them to be recognised.  Ensure that whoever is being elevated as Employee of the Month is brought to life for others in the organisation by writing a short bio about who they are and what they do. 

Watch this short video of Recognition in action with #BeMoreRon

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