What to call your Recognition Scheme?

Naming your Recognition Scheme is a bit like naming a baby.  Will a name that sounds cute now still be relevant in 5 years’ time? Naming it after a character in Greek mythology might well be clever but not if everyone struggles to spell it. How many other companies already call their recognition scheme the same thing? - You want to stand out.

By: Paul Heaton on

A lot of companies hand this task over to the workforce creating a poll, this is a great idea for engagement however people will usually go with what they know which explains why there are so many star related recognition schemes.

Here’s a few of our favourite names and why we like them:

  • Crushing It – Snack Nation’s peer-to-peer recognition scheme asks employees to recognise who’s crushing it on a weekly basis.
  • The G Book – Cloud 9 have entitled their peer-to-peer scheme The G (short for Good) Book, every time you see something great, note it down in the G Book.
  • Magical Moments – Ok it’s a little bit twee, but this is Disney’s recognition scheme and creating magic for their guests is what they do.  If you work in complaints for a retailer maybe the customer whisperer or calmer of storms award might be more apt.

and of course then there’s…

Fanclub (obvs) – A shameless plug here, but on a serious note starting a Fanclub at your organisation works because everyone can relate to being a Fan. Most people are a fan of something be it a music artist or a sports team.

So, creating a (insert your company name) Fanclub means that employees can be part of an internal Fanclub, whilst customers can become a Fan of the organisation and its employees who have demonstrated great service.

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