Recognising Work Birthdays

Everyone loves their birthday (everyone under 30 anyway) your colleagues usually chip together to buy a gift and you bring the cakes.  On the basis you have to go to work, celebrating the day you were born with people you see every day is a great start to mark the importance of the day.

By: Sinead Healy on

However, when it comes to work anniversaries companies treat these very differently. Some don’t recognise them at all, which is a big missed opportunity.  Most only recognise them when you get to 5 or 10 years’ service, treating them as an achievement for time served rather than a celebration of the day you joined the company.

Fanclub is 2 years old today and we firmly believe in celebrating your work birthday.

Birthdays are usually, as we get older, an opportunity to reflect as well as celebrate.  We’ve had a great 2 years, met some fantastic people, launched several successful Fanclub’s which have changed the culture at work for our clients.  We’ve learned a lot and continue to learn and develop with each client.

We’ll definitely be celebrating our 2nd work birthday and would urge more companies to use their recognition programmes (our FanHub platform does it automatically) to recognise and celebrate every employee’s work birthday as a celebration of the day they joined the gang and let them know how much you enjoy having them in the company.

We’d love to hear how your company celebrates your work birthdays. Leave us a comment below

If you don’t have a system or programme or plan to recognise work birthdays, talk to us.