Employee Appreciation Day

Today is Employee Appreciation Day, a national day marked to recognise people you spend more than half your life with.

By: Paul Heaton on

Ideas to connect your colleagues

I have met some of my closest friends at work, where initially we bonded over terrible bosses and work party gossip but over time the conversations expanded from work – to life in general and at some indiscernible point became not just a work best friend but a friend.

Gallup have known for many years that people who have a “best friend at work” are more loyal to the organisation, are sick less often, are more productive and even have more satisfied customers.

With these kinds of results, it’s surprising that companies haven’t created some sort of swiping app to find you a friend at work (watch this space).

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However, we all know that making friends as an adult is far more complex than it was when we were kids. As a child, an adult (parent/teacher) would bring you to other children and suggest that you played together. Could it be that simple for organisations? Well, kind of…

Here are some suggestions on creating a culture where friendships can blossom:

  • Focus on bonding during induction periods. When people are in a new environment they are more likely to be open to new relationships. Embed ‘hang out” opportunities you are your company induction, encourage people to take the time to get to know each other by creating the time, space with a bit of structure.
  • Provide supporting technology, to encourage social sharing of opinions, humour, photos as well as work news.
  • Actively promote peer to peer recognition, give colleagues the opportunity to comment or like on other’s successes.
  • Showcase great work, it gives people something to build a conversation on when they meet offline.
  • Help people break out of their departments and create networks across the organisation with ideas like; company speed dating events, colleague interviews with recommendations for music films, sports teams, mentoring programmes.
  • Help people connect with people they might not have necessarily come across in their day to day work with company sports teams & mentoring programmes.

At Fanclub, we make every day Employee Appreciation Day. Book a demo with us to see how Fanclub can help you and your business spread some good vibes.