How to Engage & Manage Millennials in the Workplace

Almost 90% of company recognition programmes are still focussed on years of service even though a 2015 study by the education advisory board suggests that millennials will job-hop up to 20 times in their career. So they are unlikely to qualify for a gold clock.

Isn’t it time we revolutionised recognition and made it relevant, engaging and a useful strategy for managing millennials in the workplace.

Here’s our 5 ways to help Manage Millennials

Millennials are Social Creatures

Engage Millennials by giving them them social tools, so that they are empowered to connect, build relationships and be in the know of what’s going on.

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Personalised 'Perks'

Managing millennials through engagement and workplace perks can also be extremely beneficial. Find out about Fanclub ‘Perks’ and how they help engage.

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Leading & Recognising Others

Millennials have reached the age where they are managing millennials and other staff members themselves. Ensuring they are equipped with the skills and mindset to recognise other’s achievements.



Millennials are a purpose-driven generation. Ensuring they understand how they are contributing to the company’s overall purpose and are clear what it stands for will act as fuel for performance and help engage all millennials in the workplace.

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When managing millennials, it’s important to understand that they are disengaged by hierarchies and policy. Organisations are becoming far more connected encouraging social interactions both on line and off line with Leaders from all levels. Ensuring your Senior Leaders have the tools and mindset to connect with and engage millennials in the workplace drives a culture of 2 way conversation.