Recognition Webinar (June)

Can’t make a live event? We have you covered…

Location: Online Webinar
Duration: 10:00 - 11:00 (1 hour)

About this session

This session will appeal to those who have strategic responsibility for colleague engagement, recognition and retention in their workplace.

We all know the importance of having engaged people talking to our customers, and there’s a ton of research that shows recognition is one of the key drivers of engagement.

We’ll be discussing how you get…

  • Your recognition strategy right for a large-scale operation
  • How to ensure it has a mix of personalised appreciation and public recognition
  • How to showcase the right behaviours
  • How to create a culture of appreciation rather than one of expectation

We will also explore the key challenges you are experiencing right now and how to engage colleagues in recognising their efforts whilst they drive your business goals.

Feedback from Invosys, United Utilities & Vodafone