Employee recognition software

We provide a full service including employee recognition software, communications, training & insight to make recognition frequent, genuine & easy

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Our employee recognition software

State of the art, cloud-based employee recognition software that make employee recognition quick, genuine and easy.

We offer 2 kick-ass employee recognition software options to make your employee recognition fly and provide recognition insight to your business.

Whether you’re looking for a straight forward tool to help people in your organisation quickly & easily recognise each other or a fully integrated employee recognition software - we’ve got you covered.

Check out our 2 platforms below to see which one works best for you.

Ideal for companies of 50-500 employees

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Ideal for companies of 350-1000+ employees

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Teaser, Launch and Monthly Communication Campaigns

Fancy employee recognition software is all well and good but to launch and sustain your recognition program you require a solid strategy and some kick-ass comms to encourage usage and showcase great work.

Our service includes:

  • Recognition Strategy aligned to your business
  • Teaser and Launch Campaigns to build momentum
  • Monthly on-going messaging to sustain your recognition programme

We align our messaging and activity to your Business Plans and showcase your Values, Behaviours and Priorities.

Teaser & Launch Comms Engagement Messages Values Messaging & Awareness Campaigns

From Leadership mindset to new features & best practice, we up-skill your leaders to own and role-model great recognition practices & behaviours

Ready to Recognise
A session designed specifically for senior leaders to help remove barriers to recognition and ensure they are engaged and leading your programme right from the get-go.

We host regular webinars for you and your team to attend to share best practice and provide continous development.

How to Videos
Educational videos showcasing key features of Fanclub and how to get the most out of your platform.

Appreciation Ready to Recognise Training Language Currency Social Media Training Workshops

We turn data into Insight making it easy to recognise your unsung heroes

Company Overview
A monthly infographic report providing insight into usage, engagement, your most recognised colleagues & key influencers.

We review your recognitions and select great examples to showcase great work making it easy for your leaders to engage with great work from across the business.

Quarterly Reports
Business Area specific reports providing more detail on how different areas of the business are using Fanclub and comparisions to the rest of the business.

Example Report FanWatch - Highlighting great examples of recognition Quarterly Reports - Understand more about how people use Fanclub Cross Pollination - Where is the love going?