Does employee recognition work?

Companies that use peer to peer recognition have seen increases in customer satisfaction of up to 41%

Employees who recognise their peers are 56% more engaged with the organisation

Strong recognition of employee performance increases engagement by a whopping 60%

Does employee recognition work in the UK? Well, survey after survey indicates that only one-third of UK workers are engaged – a figure which leaves the UK at the bottom of the league table.

Not wanting to state the obvious but…for the benefit of anyone still asking ‘does employee recognition work?’ the short answer is YES!

The benefits of employee recognition is that there is a clear link between profit and employee engagement that has been proven again and again. That said, It’s not as if UK companies are not spending time and money trying to engage their staff.

Approx 1-2% of payroll budgets are set aside for employee recognition – that’s a lot of wine, pizza and vouchers!

The secret to engaging good people … is to tell them they are good people.

The benefits of employee recognition are hugely cost effective; from staff retention to employee satisfaction and employee recognition doesn’t need to cost the earth.

At Fanclub, we have loads of experience boosting employee appreciation. We know about changing the vibe at an organisation and here‘s one thing we have learned.

If your organisation is asking does employee recognition work, the good news is you’ve started to ask the question and explore the possibilities and learn the benefits.

The thing is … Engagement isn‘t a thing!

It isn’t tangible, it’s emotive and for it to be real it needs to be genuine, on the spot and frequent. Appreciation cannot be bought and it certainly isn’t at the bottom of a £4.99 bottle of wine.

It is however … instant, genuine and peer to peer.

We have created an innovative, current and simple approach to peer to peer recognition. Still asking ‘does employee recognition work?’ then watch the video to see just one success story.